Our Story

Where we began……                                                               

having always had a love for home fragrances, specifically scented candles, I was never too far away from hosting or attending home candle parties and shopping with a glass of wine in hand. The excitement of receiving the order through the door, deciding which scent to use first or for which room in the home. A lovely smelling home makes a warm and cosy home.

After being diagnosed with a second brain tumour a few years ago my life fell apart. I quickly had to give up my job as a sports therapist due to living with some debilitating symptoms. Life on the sofa was becoming miserable and I felt I had no motivation or purpose. Sitting on the sofa looking around my living room at the nearly empty jars of candles with excess wax that would never see a flame again. I decided to use them all to make another new candle. I couldn’t believe how easy it was for me and how I enjoyed it (Little things please me!) why did I not do this years ago! Back on the sofa resting and the impulsive thoughts took over. I was soon unpacking a large parcel of candle and wax melt making supplies and Soy Wax Village was born. I spent time selecting the beautiful fragrances and wax types, testing the safety of the candles and troubleshooting the flaws before forcing my friends and family to try out my products. Whilst Soy Wax Village is still in the early days, I am so proud of what I have overcome and achieved so far. I will continue with a positive mind now I finally have my motivation and purpose back.


The brain tumour charity helped me along my journey so as a thank you, we are going to make a £1.00 donation for every sale made through our website directly to the charity, so other people like myself can overcome and be supported whilst living with brain tumours. It will also help towards much needed and under funded research. You too will also have the option to donate to the brain tumour charity at checkout if you wish.


Our wax products are produced with 100% soy wax which is sustainably sourced, natural, renewable, and biodegradable. Soy wax has a lower melting point which means your candles will burn for 50% longer and cleaner. Soy wax is also non-toxic and paraben free. It also has an excellent fragrance holding quality resulting in our scented products having a long lasting and even scent throw. Our soy candles are hand poured and made in small batches ensuring our products are the best quality. Our wax melts are also hand poured or hand crafted and delicately finished with botanicals.

Our sense of smell can change our mood and trigger many emotions, also transport us back to a distant memory. We have chosen our fragrances carefully to ensure there is something for everyone. From citrus to florals and woody to musk’s we hope our scented products will find a place in your home and escort you back to special memories or daydreams. The fragrances we use are 100% concentrated, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Although there is no legal requirement, we have had our candles externally lab tested and PASSED, meaning they meet the requirements of BS EN 15426:2018 & BS EN 15493:2019 for sooting behaviour and fire safety which comply with CEN standards. Meeting these requirements helps show due diligence. 

Our mission……… Our mission is to create quality products with the finest materials while also being kind to our planet. That is why all of our packaging from product packaging to shipping packaging are all fully recyclable, plastic free and biodegradable.

We hope you will love Soy Wax Village products just as much as we do.

Love Team Soy x